Our Story

GiftPocket was founded in 2014 by 12-year-old entrepreneur Brooke Yoakam. Brooke came up with the idea of GiftPocket in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. It was inspired by a common teen problem: when Brooke and her friends would go shopping, they always forgot their gift cards at home, or couldn’t remember how much money they had on them. So Brooke thought, why not have an app that can store all of your gift cards?

Brooke ran with this idea and presented the concept at the end of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy to a group of investors (kind of like a mini “Shark Tank”). Her idea won, and she moved on to the semi-finals.

After the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, Brooke became an engaged client with Rev 1 Ventures (a venture capital firm helping entrepreneurs launch tech and science businesses). Since then, Brooke’s focus has been to create an app that is superior to all of her competitors, with unique features, a better experience, and something teens will love to use.