Meet the Team

Teen entrepreneur with a vision, a user-centric focus, and a no-nonsense approach to transforming her determination and grit into action.

Brooke Yoakam (CEO & FOUNDER)

Loves working with start-ups to help them do it right, right from the start.  Behind all the numbers, she’s a cyclist who loves to create beautiful things by hand.

Michelle Murcia (CFO)

Wharton alum and Ex-Entrepreneur with a penchant for “Geek Speak”! Leading the Tech and Product for GiftPocket!

Rajeev Chhajer (CTO)

Savvy business owner with a keen eye toward financial sustainability of GiftPocket. Focused on development of organically growing revenue streams.

Michelle Merkel (BOARD CHAIR)

Mike Blackwell (BOARD MEMBER)