Meet the Team

Teen entrepreneur with a vision, a user-centric focus, and a no-nonsense approach to transforming her determination and grit into action.

Brooke Yoakam (CEO & FOUNDER)

Loves working with start-ups to help them do it right, right from the start.  Behind all the numbers, she’s a cyclist who loves to create beautiful things by hand.

Michelle Murcia (PRESIDENT & CFO)

Wharton alum and entrepreneur turning visions into great products.

Rajeev Chhajer (CTO)

Greg Yoakam (BOARD MEMBER)

Savvy business owner with a keen eye toward financial sustainability of GiftPocket. Focused on development of organically growing revenue streams.

Michelle Merkel (BOARD MEMBER)

Before becoming an attorney advising businesses from startup and formation through capital raising and, ultimately, sale, Eric started a radio career at age 16 and then became a television sports reporter in Des Moines, Iowa.


Mike is most known for working on familiar consumer internet products and is even on patents for the Netscape browser and AOL Instant Messenger.  And he was once the product manager for the product and company that created and introduced the world to GIF images (and he insists its pronounced “Jif” like the peanut butter).

Mike Blackwell (BOARD MEMBER)