What’s Up with GiftPocket?

Hey everyone,

Now you’re probably wondering when in the world is GiftPocket™ going to be launched. And that’s a great question because I don’t even know the date yet, but don’t worry I’ve got some things to update you on and clear up many of the frequent questions I get asked.

    1. Why isn’t GiftPocket™ launched yet? For the past 3 years, we’ve been working on creating on the best and safest app for all of your gift cards, and it’s taken us 3 years to get almost all of the features to make the app. We’re waiting on one last feature, but we almost have it, so we’re expecting a launch in the next couple of months, but sadly we can’t make any promises. As well, in general creating this app has been harder than imagined, I mean I didn’t even know coding was a thing until after I came up with the idea of GiftPocket™.  Matching up all the features is just HARD.
    2. Wait, so I can sell my gift cards on the app that I don’t like? Yeah of course! Say you receive a gift card you don’t like, then you can exchange it for a new gift card, through a process of GP Points™.
    3. Are you coding the app? Sadly no, I don’t know how to code, but eventually, I want to learn. As well, I wouldn’t have time to go to school and code the app.

Those are just some of the questions I get asked, but if you want me to answer more, just comment them below. Have a great week!

Yours Truly,


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